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{Writing} Essay-Sample: Does technology create income disparities?

Written By VOICEEE on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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What is technology? Technology is the knowledge of using tools machines and other accessories. It includes methods of problem solving and organization so that we can do a work in a more effective way in less time. At present we can’t live without technology or in better words we have become addicted to technology. With internet computersmobile phones, luxury cars each and every field is now being depending on the technology for their success. The advantages and benefits that technology provides us are unlimited. In fact we will never be able to imagine a life with all these luxury and technical help we have on our finger tips.

Now let us come to the topic
How does technology create income disparities? Or does technology Creates Income Disparities? One thing that comes to my mind is technology benefits only the person who knows how to use it. Take the case of the mobile phone if you are familiar with the facilities that mobile phone provides you will be well ahead of a normal individual. So in this case technology will create income disparities between an illiterate person and a high technically oriented person.

Let us take the case of two countries USA and Somalia. It is a common fact that USA is highly developed while Somalia is perhaps the worst developed country. Allow me to ask you why USA has reached this position of being the most developed country only because of their technological superiority. Technology saves time and increase the production. And indirectly this creates income disparities.

But is technology to be blamed for this? No, this disparity comes primarily from the fact that education is not reaching the lower class society. Of course technology helps on the person who is used to it but instead of blaming technology it is time to focus on reaching the educational facilities to the lower strata of society.

Every country should have a technical education plan so that technical education can be imbibed to every individual of the country. If they can work out the plan there would not been income disparities and technology would not be blamed for creating income disparities.

Do you think technology create income disparities? Comment your opinion below in the comment box.

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